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Moustache Parakeet

Moustache Parakeet Native to Indonesia, the Moustache is probably even a little quieter than the Indian Ring Necks so consider this gorgeous bird for apartment dwellers and condo living.

Approximately 13 inches in length, males can be distinquished from females by the black line between their eyes. Moustache parakeets can be gentle and sweet of nature and like most of the parakeet family, will do well in a household with children and multiple people handling them.

When housing these birds, consider the demand for many toys as they are voracious chewers! Purchase a home large enough for them and all their mandatory toys! We recommend 24 x 24" Don't mistake their smaller size for needing very small toys, as they will chew up some of the larger items, that you might consider for birds as large as Amazons or African Greys! Keep several toys on hand as their chewing ability will surprise you at first.

As most parakeet species, they will eat a pelleted diet and high quality seed and nuts. They will readily accept veggies, fruit, pasta and grains, and will love to have sprouts grown for them to nibble!

You will enjoy these birds in your family for an estimated 20 to 25 year life expectancy. When given plenty of interaction with family members, they will be an important part of the family lifestyle.