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Triton Cockatoos

Triton CockatoosMore of the "snuggle bunnies" but usually good talkers!

Triton cockatoos are often mistaken for the Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. They are, however, a different subspecies of Cockatoo. If you remember the TV show "Baretta" and "Fred" the Cockatoo, Fred was a Triton. On the show, they actually used four "Freds" and it is reported that all four Cockatoos are still alive and living in California.

Large and in charge is a great way to describe these active birds. About 46 centimeters, or 18 to 19 inches in length, and approximately 690 grams in weight, with this size Cockatoo, obviously a very large, well made cage, is mandatory not optional. These birds should never be considered for apartment or condo dwellers as they can be very loud, and to expect them to be quiet on command is just not reasonable. They prefer to be with their people and can be entertainers both in the cage and out of it.

Triton Cockatoo Large wooden toys are necessary to keep them healthy and happy, and foraging toys are wonderful for these birds as they are very mechanical and can open cages that are not well locked. To come home to a Triton who has escaped his or her cage and spent the day working on your woodwork is not fun!

Triton Cockatoo for saleThese gems in the Cockatoo world are considered to be one of the best talkers in Cockatoos. They can usually be expected to have a decent vocabulary and enunciation, when worked with and given adequate time and attention.

A healthy diet of natural pellets, fresh veggies, pasta, rice, fish, chicken, some nuts and seed, and an occasional treat of well cooked eggs are recommended for these birds. Frequent showers are also mandatory as they are very dusty, powdery birds, and will be more so if not given a good bath often. Not a good choice for people with respiratory problems or allergies!

Providing lots of space, a well made cage, plenty of toys that are frequently interchanged in the cage, and people who are home daily to interact with, will be the best senerio for this bird as a pet. When all this is acheived, they will be a life long companion and loyal, loving addition to any home.