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Hawkhead Parrots

Hawk-headed Parrots
Hawk-headed Parrots Fascinating and distinctive describes this parrot from South America. They are approximately 13 to 14 inches in length and can only be seen to be fully appreciated.

When they display, they have a "fan of feathers" that will spread out around their heads, crimson feathers, tipped in bright blue. These beauties are vocal and fun as pets. They can be somewhat moody, so it may be crucial to handle them daily to keep them from preferring solitude.

Hawk-headed Parrots A diet of pellets, and lots of fruit should be your hawk-heads choice. They can also be given pasta, veggies, and high quality nuts and seeds.

House them in a cage with a view. Anyone visiting with you will surely want to clearly see their gorgeous plumage. 24"x24" cage size is adequate. Capable of talking, males may be a little better at it than females. They must be surgically sexed or DNAed to tell them apart, although some folks will tell you that a slight size variation is common in males to females.

Although higher priced than most birds of their size, they are, without doubt, more unusual than many other birds. This beauty is truly a bird that you will not find in many other households once you own one.