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Blue Quakers


Quaker Parrot Many different color variations. We advise that you phone us TOLL FREE at 877 808-5472 to check availability and pricing.

I'll admit it to anyone, having dealt with birds for years and years, in all aspects of care giving as well as ownership, one of my favorites has always been, and will aways be, the charismatic Quakers!

Quaker Parrot for sale Over the years, Quakers have shown up under several different names. I've even seen them in a book about Conures. I originally remember them being called "Monk Parakeets" or "Grey Fronted Parakeets", however, they are generally now seen only as "Quakers". Along with different names, they also now enjoy different colors! Breeders have done wonderful things with Quaker coloration, and you will readily find them in a Blue Quaker, which is stunning sky blue in color. They also are seen in Cinnamon, Lutino, Yellow, and even White Quakers are now being bred. Both males and females look the same, so DNA testing is necessary to distinguish the sexes. They originate in Brazil and Argentina and actually have established free colonies in the United States, estimated to be in the thousands. Unlike most of our other exotic bird species, Quakers can winter under harsh conditions, and even have established homeland in Chicago, where they survive very severe weather.

Baby Quaker Parrot At approximately eleven inches in length, Quakers often believe themselves to be much larger birds! Fearless in nature, and seldom intimidated by larger birds, other pets in the family, or anything else they meet up with, Quakers refuse to accept themselves as the smallest members of the family.

Quakers are often considered to be one of the best talkers in the small bird groups. Capable of speech, mimicing sounds, and even singing songs that they are taught, I often tell people that this is a bird that the more you put into a relationship with, the more you will receive back ten-fold!

Quaker Parrot for sale A parrot that does not have a "scream" like many others, Quakers can be quite noisy at times with a "Chatter" like sound that raises and lowers with alarm. They love to "weave" on their cage bars so shreddable toys and even shoe laces and string or yarn will be enjoyed for endless hours by these pets. As usual, a high quality small sized pelleted diet should be in the dish at all times, in addition to providing some seed and nuts, fresh vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice and other grains. With a proper diet and care, Quakers can live twenty plus years.

Quaker Parrot Be aware, however, that before you set your mind on Quaker ownership, there are several states that actually outlaw these sweet little clowns. For their ability to survive on their own in our climates, and a belief at one time that they would possibly be a threat to crops and agriculture, Quakers are not allowed as pets in California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Georgia. Some states, like Ohio, have laws regarding Quakers and the mandatory clipping of wings when owning them.

A hearty bird, one often believed to be a great choice for a first time bird experience, Quakers will become a member of the family when included in all the activites.