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Female Eclectus for sale

Gentle and soft spoken, these birds have some unusual traits in the exotic bird world. One is that they are sexually dimorphic which means, you can tell the males from the females just by looking at them! Males are bright green, females are bright red!

Another thing, somewhat unusual about these birds, is that the males are usually thought to be the gentler of the two. In nature, it is the female's duty to guard a food source. If a flock of Eclectus finds a great berry bush for example, the females will "watch over it", while the flock eats. So perhaps the female eclectus gets the "stronger personality" from her guard duties in nature.

You can overcome her protective ways by first removing her food dish from her cage, before you go into her cage. She then has nothing to protect from you! But it's also usually the case that once she is comfortable and adjusts to you as her family, a female eclectus can be just as sweet and loving as a male.

Male Eclectus It is generally agreed that there are approximately ten subspecies of Eclectus. However, there are usually three seen in the pet market, and the most common distinction is their size. The Solomon Island, being the smaller, the Vosmaeri in the middle, and the Red Sided the largest in size. In general, you can consider 35cm in length an average to go by when talking about these parrots.

Often good talkers, both the male and female will have an equal vocabulary.

A point about Eclectus ownership that those of you with allergies must know, is that when people are allergic to birds, they usually are not allergic to Eclectus. Their feather quality is almost hair like rather than feathers, and they are actually considered to be "hypo-allergenic" birds.

When owning one of these beautiful birds, you must be diligent about their diet. Feed them an "Eclectus Pelleted Diet". Pretty Bird Brand makes one specific to their needs. Feed them some healthy nuts and a little seed, with lots of fresh veggies, dark green, dark orange, these birds need lots of protein and vitamin A to have a healthy life expectancy. Pasta, rice, some low fat meat, such as turkey and chicken, can also be in their dishes. And don't forget the eggs! Cook well, try scrambling up a veggie omelet for them!

When willing to cook for these wonderful pets, feed a proper diet, give them plenty of quality attention, they make wonderful, usually relatively quiet, companions. Cage recommendation is 36" x 24".