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Yellow Nape

Yellow Naped Amazon

Yellow Naped Amazon Ahh the Yellow Napes.... fun, intelligent, charismatic, great talkers.... I could go on and on about these Amazons. But, on the other hand, they can be very strong willed and their personalities are, perhaps, for someone with bird experience under their belts.

Sometimes called "unpredictable" in behavior, it really means you need to read Amazon body language and understanding that you might have to "come back later", when wanting to interact with your bird.

When given proper snuggles and cuddles from a very early age, these birds will appreciate, and are capable of great affection. House them in a large cage for lots of active play. They love their toys and are not destructive so much as just hard players.

Talking ability is second only to the African Greys (if that). Feed them a high quality pelleted diet, lots of fresh veggies, grains, pasta, eggs and well cooked white meats. Watch the fat, they may be overweight when not fed properly.


Yellow Naped Amazon Yellow Naped Amazon